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Keyword research is important for a solid content strategy. This package uses social data insights and research. This determines the top keywords you need to capture for your industry. It covers both primary keywords (1-3) and long tail keywords. The latter allow you to rank in search on less competitive queries.

While keywords are important for organic SEO they are also relevant for your audience. The proper language also helps your audience connect with your offerings. You need not only explain your offerings but speak in the same vocabulary your audiences uses.

This keyword package forms the foundation of content strategy for your blog and website.

Deliverables include:

  • 1 -3 Primary Keywords
  • 10 -12 Long Tail Keywords
  • Search Volumes by Keyword
  • Estimated Monthly Impressions
  • Estimated Traffic Acquisition
  • Estimated Conversion Cash Value

Getting started

Customer will fill out questionnaire with questions covering potential customers and conversion value.